¿Why Chile?

Savings from 30% to 65%

Filming in Chile can save 30% to 65% of total production costs when compared to Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with the same high quality results.
These savings already include the cost of air tickets, accommodation in luxury hotels, sightseeing tours for the crew and the complete production.


Chile offers a great diversity of landscapes and hence it can double for Europe, Canada, USA and many other countries.
From multicoloured desert to glaciers, with the Andes, beaches, native forests, lakes, rivers, volcanoes, modern infrastructure, historical houses, vineyards, Patagonia and the country side in between, there is almost all type of landscape to meet your requirements. Not to mention breathtaking Easter Island.


Great variety of models and actors from diverse backgrounds and nationalities means that we can meet all of your casting requirements.

Stable Economy

Chile has the most stable, advanced and competitive economy in Latin America . On Oct. 2011, Chile got the 24th position for best countries for business, out of 134 countries (Forbes magazine). This means peace of mind when doing business, backed by the credibility of Chilean public institutions. Go to http://www.investchile.com/ for more information.


Chile offers reverse seasons from the northern hemisphere and it has similar time zones to Europe and North America. English is widely spoken.
Several commercial flights available between North America, main European cities as well as Australia and New Zealand.
Great day tours, night life and restaurants during filming breaks.

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